About VA Electrical

Our electrical contractor has established our business on a few basic principles.

Quality - We care about the quality of the work we do and what we will leave behind for our customer. It is crucial for us to know that when we leave a place, we have worked in, it will be a better place.

Partnerships - With a mentality that our customers and our customers' clients are our partners, we build a relationship that will last. It is always a good feeling when you know your partner is working with you.

Relationships - Knowing that our business is building lives for our employees and their families, we want to build strong relationships with our customers and clients.

Trust - for any of our other principles to be a reality; we need to earn a level of trust with those people we work with. That is something we work on every day at every level.

Our goals are to become successful by installing quality products and services, partnering with the people we work with and for, building a healthy relationship with them for the long term and being trusted in the industry as a company that will stand behind what they commit to.

Our electrical contractor and support team has over one hundred years of experience in the industry and has worked at every level of the business at one time or another. Each of our electrical contractor and supporting team is committed to the company's standard of "We care about quality." Our managers are hand selected based on the same criteria which will allow the company to grow and the steadfast in its commitment to our principles.

Our operations are based out of Houston, Austin and San Antonio with work being performed all over the State of Texas. Our services include Commercial Construction, 24-hour service, Design Build, Design Assist, Pre-Construction, and Maintenance. We utilize the latest technology to stay up to date on the changing standards of construction.

Our electrical contractor and supporting steam truly believe if we earn the opportunity to work with you, not only will we provide a service for you, but we will build a relationship.

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